Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Haikus

I –
Wing across clouds.
Red swing, green earth, whirling leaves.
You –
Song on my lips.

I –
Wind in the rain.
Dirt-flecks, dead leaves, leaking roof.
You –
Flame in my heart.

How can I smear

How can I smear
The rippling-water, soaring-bird, boy-laughter colour
Of your eyes with the dark clouds
Of my smudged eyeliner?

You smoke your cigarette, I mine.
Thus I won’t smear
Your cool-glass lips
With my sweat-sticky strawberry lip-gloss.

Matchstick lit

Matchstick lit,
That night you leaned
Your head against hers
And inhaled.

His gaze on my cheek,
I dangled my feet
Above grey water
And exhaled.

You snip at the hem
Of our patchwork house
With your brutal blade
Of honesty.

I sweep up the dust
Of darkness and deceit
And flush it down the chute
Of my silence.